Thursday, 31 October 2013

TBCS - Hailing you on the road to recovery from Breast Cancer

The breast cancer malignancy can only be stopped by early diagnosis, treatment and care.  The breast cancer surfaces the second highest place in mortality rate among all other cancer types. There are various factors which participate in making this disease aggressive. It has been estimated that in various countries every one woman out of eight is diagnosed with breast cancer. This is increasing at alarming rate but the cure is possible if timely treated.

Why breast cancer mortality rate is still high?

The pain and ordeal of breast cancer is not hidden from anyone. The breast cancer poses direct and indirect bad consequences on the woman diagnosed with breast cancer and her family respectively. It beleaguers the whole family with stress, ignorance, discomfort and household mismanagement. Moreover the complete treatment of this very ailment requires proper and correct guideline, early diagnosis, and full attention towards the patient, heavy and continuous expanse. 

Provision of all these requirements become a hard nut to crack for the families which are not fiscally stable, dependent on the a single sufferer mother, having no awareness about breast cancer before and the people who can’t pay appropriate attention towards the breast cancer sufferer because of their busy schedule of life. These circumstances make the situation more horrible thus bringing unfortunately death in the fate of breast cancer sufferer.

The real hope

As the result of such heart taking situation The breast cancer society is continuously striving to eradicate the breast cancer from this earth. The breast cancer society is the no for profit charity which really comes upto the original meanings of charity. Being unblemished cancer society it has been saving thousands of precious lives of women and is promising to produce more breast cancer survivors.

Borderless assistance

TBCS is based in Mesa, Arizona but its goal is not only limited at the local scale. Internationally TBCS provides financial, medical and technological aid the poor and under developing world for the same purpose. Many health facility units of those countries collaborate with TBCS for treating and reducing the mortality rate of breast cancer from their countries.

The caregivers

TBCS not only provides financial aid but it also believes in humanity. Along with the other programs with the in home care program of TBCS many breast cancer patients are transforming to the breast cancer survivors. We provide best and trained caregivers for the patients and families facing problems during breast cancer treatment. The feeling of loneliness during breast cancer contributes for dropping a person’s confidence, hope and health drastically. To cater such problems the aforementioned service was started.

Empowering the survivors

Another important program of TBCS is the empowering the women after recovery for the purpose of gaining their confidence, self-respect and respectable place in the society. This program was started for those females who are main earning hands of their family. During treatment phase they lose their jobs and earnings. Therefore, The breast cancer society provides educational aid to them which is promising for securing their future.

Friday, 11 October 2013

When is the Best Time to Give to the Breast Cancer Society?

When is the Best Time to Give to the Breast Cancer Society?

Truthfully speaking, anytime you want to give to the charity of your choice is a great time to give. There are some times of year, however, when some charitable organizations find themselves in greater need than others.

This will vary greatly from one organization to another. For instance, charities that provide shelter for the homeless have greater need of supplies during winter months when the homeless are most likely to seek shelter.

Other charities find that they are often overflowing with gifts and donations around the holidays. These organizations have greater need during the early months of summer and into fall. These are times when donations are few and needs remain high.

The Breast Cancer Society needs donations throughout the year. Breast cancer, unfortunately, is not a seasonal condition. It strikes at any time.

You have plenty of options available to consider when giving to the Breast Cancer Society and other charities. These are a few of them. One is sure to appeal to you if you're serious in your desire to support worthy charitable causes.

Yearly Gifts

These are donations or gifts you give at the same time every year. You can make them part of your annual financial plans. Some people set aside a specific amount of money each month and rotate it into 12 different charities throughout the year -- one for each month. Others set aside a specific amount of money each month in order to combine the funds for a larger annual gift. The choice is yours and all donations and gifts are appreciated.

Seasonal Gifts

There are four seasons in a year. Some people prefer to give seasonally to the charities of their choosing. These gifts may coincide with dividends, quarterly bonuses, etc. Regardless of why you choose to give seasonal gifts, it's a simple matter to set up quarterly gift giving to charities such as the Breast Cancer Society.

Monthly Gifts

These may be the simplest gifts to give. You can set up a monthly gift where the money is automatically deducted from your account (in the amount you approve) month after month. This ensures that financial gifts to organizations like the Breast Cancer Society that need funds throughout the year are available when they're needed rather than only available at certain times of the year. You can choose the time of the month the money is sent each month and enjoy hassle free giving at its finest.

One Time Gifts
Some people do not want to provide regular gifts or donations to charitable groups. Perhaps they've recently inherited a lump sum of money, won an award, or had a life-event that makes giving now, is attractive. One-time gifts are the bread and butter of many charitable organizations and perfectly acceptable and appreciated at any time of the year.

Never be afraid to give because you feel your gift is too small, too larger, or unwanted. All Breast Cancer Society gifts are appreciated a great deal by the women who benefit from the services your gifts provide them through the charitable organization.