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Breast Cancer Donations Scams

People use their sharp minds either for good reason or for deceiving others. Due to this discrepancy scam has strengthened its roots in every walk of life because people give priority to their self benefits instead of giving benefits to others. Many non-profit organizations declaring themselves supporters for breast cancer fighters use the tag “non -profit” but they don’t really honor it. These organizations raise funds and voice to encourage the donations from your side for helping the breast cancer fighters. But the truth behind this practice is to collect the scam breast cancer donations for their own revenue.
We see a lot many charitable companies call for your donations for breast cancer treatment through telephony, website or via fundraising walks and manufacturing goods. People blindly donate for their eternal satisfaction whenever the charity seems to be committed for such noble cause. But have you ever thought that where your donations go actually? No doubt these donations go for supporting those organizations but not for the actual purpose rather they uncaringly use the money for upgrading their administration, websites and their company name.
In the current month the court has charged a sham charity for looting innocent people in the name of donating “Coalition against Breast Cancer”. Similarly, Planned Parenthood, American Cancer Society, Pink and NFL breast cancer campaigns are same organizations following the scam breast cancer donations.
The breast cancer donations and fundraising should be for helping and assisting the innocent breast cancer patients these should not be used as the business opportunity. Even then many renowned companies collaborate with such defraud charities and both make money out of it instead of giving them to the true deservers.
Many people argue that hundreds of thousands of dollars are given to the charities by the compassionate people who really want to bring breast cancer to the end but still we see rise in breast cancer cases in North America where every 1 woman has cancer out of 8 women. From the last 20 years America is fighting for breast cancer eradication but why our efforts are not effective yet? The reason is definitely because of breast cancer scam donations and their utilization.
Be aware of such sham and swindle scammers who enjoy on thousands of dollars they collect in the name of donations for breast cancer fighters. They not only play with life of patient but also affect their families. The mortality rate of breast cancer may become low if these charities do what they have committed to the nation.
Only a few breast cancer charities fulfill all the requirements expected to have in any charity working for battling breast cancer. They never ruin your money and effort you made for protecting people from breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Fundraising Scam

Whenever we hear about the shams and frauds related to breast cancer awareness and treatment, the question arises in one’s mind that how such evil charities can make money out of this noble cause? Probably every day we come across with fundraising of many charities claim to support the breast cancer fighters for their cure. In fact the donors enthusiastically open their pocketbooks whenever the charity alleges that it is combating against menace of breast cancer. But how much of your donation goes in right hands? Many scam societies are busy in defrauding people and interestingly they are much successful in snatching your money in the shape of scam fundraising.

Can your few miles walk provide cure to the breast cancer victims? Numerous charitable organizations claim that they are non-profit organizations and seek your support for battling for breast cancer combaters. But in reality these are sham commitments and sham organizations that play wickedly with the lives of people either donors or breast cancer patients. Many charities are running and sustaining with the donations they receive from you in the name of breast cancer donations. Instead of utilizing theses donations for encouraging new researches and financial assistance to the impoverished victims they are being consumed on charity’s administration and self benefits.

We should be aware of such scam fundraising charities yet it seems difficult to gather information about the charity real wicked goals behind breast cancer fundraising. In common observation, we see that whenever the products are sold with having pink ribbon upon them people blindly purchase them with their good intention of supporting the companies for combating breast cancer but in reality many of them make money for their own benefits out of your good intentions.

However, this is one side of the picture. We can’t forget the genuine efforts made by breast cancer charities promising for raising the voice for scam free cause of fighting breast cancer. The whole amount generated in their fundraising sessions entirely goes for enriching education and research regarding breast cancer society and treatment respectively.

From these charities, the unprivileged breast cancer patients receive financial assistance, monthly scholarships and even the college degree during the phase of recovery. Fearlessly thousands of volunteers participate and receive donations in various fundraising walks and awareness sessions.

These charitable organizations are truly committed to fight against breast cancer. If one is getting skeptic for donating to breast cancer charities due to his past bad experience with any sham charity then he should go for complete investigation. The reviews and testimonials can help a lot to know the reputation of breast cancer organizations and people’s experience with them.

Breast Cancer Society Scam

Defrauding people in the name of noble causes is not only unethical but also unlawful. The fact is that scams have plagued every walk of life. The CBS New York, reporting of the Breast Cancer Scam in June 2013, revealed that the fake charity looted thousands of dollars from people in the name of fundraising for breast cancer. It was closed by the court orders, and it had to deposit $4.6 million to the court, the amount collected by placing phone calls to the public urging them to join hands with the ‘Coalition Against Breast Cancer’.

The court ordered to distribute the amount among the most celebrated nonprofit organizations working for the prevention of breast cancer worldwide. It’s not the only example of swindling people with charitable fundraising scams. Various other such charities and societies are yet operating, claiming to provide financial assistance and home care services to those who are battling with the breast cancer disease. The people who are compassionately urged to donate for the breast cancer sufferers are often trapped by the swamp of evil scammers.

Such sham fundraising societies sometimes overshadow the work of those legitimate charities that are devotedly working to help impoverished people to ensure expensive treatment and provide funds to the research projects on breast cancer.

However, there are many good examples of genuine work, having untarnished service record. Such scam-free charities give surety to their donors for the utilization of their money in right place for the noble cause.  These organizations raise funds periodically for providing the breast cancer patients a variety of services such as financial assistance, medical supplies, referral services, awareness campaigns and in-home care. They own well-established working system for the collection of donations and their appropriate utilization. The donations are also used for encouraging new researches and educating people on breast cancer round the globe. 

The scam societies claim that they are working for the noble cause of minimizing the deadly threats of breast cancer. They run funds collection campaigns in various communities or on their websites. Do you know how much of your donation is actually going to research, education or treatment of breast cancer? Many scam charities like American Breast Cancer Society, NFL and Planned Parenthood are badly degrading the noble cause of charity work.

At the websites of famed breast cancer charities, you find various ways through which you can donate and protect the breast cancer victims round the globe. Every breast cancer patient has the right of survival. Consequently, good charities offer their services for providing assistance to people combating breast cancer through various financial assistance programs. The efforts of good charities must be appreciated by masses with full devotion.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Breast Cancer Scam - How Not to Fall for It

Breast Cancer Scam - How Not to Fall for It
Anyone who has been touched, even peripherally from the horrible condition known as breast cancer is forever changed by it. Whether it was a mother, daughter, sister, friend, or even distant relative, the toll it takes on the individual and family can be devastating. The whole it can leave behind is one that's drastic enough for blockbuster movie actresses to take drastic action in hopes of avoiding putting her children through the experience of watching their mother struggle with, and possibly succumb, to the cancer. Sadly, for many people who would otherwise be happy to donate their money to such a worthy cause, ending breast cancer, it only takes one breast cancer scam to ruin all potentially worthy causes in their books.

As citizens of the world, we want to help eliminate breast cancer and the impact it has on people and families throughout the United States and around the world. Nothing would please us more than to see this disease that destroys families, confidence, and, sometimes, lives stamped out once and for all. To make that happen, charitable donations are necessary. That's why it's so important take steps to avoid becoming the victim of a breast cancer scam.

Donate Smarter - Research the Reputation of the Charitable Organization
There are countless charities out there that are legitimately seeking research dollars to fund a cure, toiletries to make hospital stays a little more comfortable, hair for lifelike wigs, and countless other items and dollars designed to make life more comfortable, more enjoyable, and a little bit fuller for breast cancer sufferers. Take your time to find out all the pertinent details about the organization you're considering offering your support to. Once you know what kind of work they do, who benefits most from the dollars you give, and how those dollars are likely to be spent, you'll feel more confident about your decisions to give to that organization.

The more you dig, the more likely it is that you will find something questionable about the organization if it exists. Most scams don't have the time, the expertise, or the depth to provide too much of a history to go along with the con.

Gather the Facts
Transparency is important for all charitable organizations -- especially when it comes to Uncle Sam. They must fill out certain tax information, specifically the 990 form in order to keep the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) off their backs. This form provides a great deal of information would-be investors, such as yourself will find useful and even interesting about the organization and where it spends its money.

In addition to keeping Uncle Sam happily at bay, most legitimate charity organizations want to get the word out about the work they do with the money you share with them. In order to do this, many of them offer full disclosure of how funds are spent on their web pages and invite visitors to get involved whether it's by donating time or money to the cause.

Investigate Independent Reviews
Look outside the box and away from their own PR testimonials. See what people are saying away from the website about the organization. If you're hearing mostly good things on the street, then it's probably a safe bet for your charitable investment and you can quit worrying so much about a breast cancer scam knocking on your back door.

Charitable giving is one way that we have to feel like we're doing something important to help people suffering from breast cancer. It's our way of taking power back from something that leaves us feeling powerless. Constant concerns of breast cancer scams can rob us of that joy if we aren't careful. Arm yourself with the facts and you shouldn't have any trouble finding an authentic and legitimate organization, such as Breast Cancer Society at breast cancer society blog, for your charity spending.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Breast Cancer Cure

On average, one in eighth women has a chance of developing cancer. This chance increases after the age of forty. Twenty year before there were chances of developing breast cancer in every eleventh women, the risk of rise in this ratio is still there. Therefore, there is need to stop the prevalence of breast cancer among women, this can be achieve by adapting healthy lifestyle.
Breast Cancer Cure

Breast cancer protection

Although, researches in this field have increased the survival rates too many folds but it is good to have preventive measures for breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Society, working in United States of America is involved in finding out such ways through researches, to reduce the risk of occurrence of breast cancer. Prevention of breast cancer starts with the intake of healthy diet. Dietary habits determine the health conditions of an individual.

Reduce your risk

Every year many women die because of breast cancer, but there are certain ways which can cut down the risk of breast cancer. Being alcoholic increases the chance of breast cancer. Alcohol is dangerous to health; its use must be limited. A research was conducted on the relation between alcohol and breast cancer. The results of this research show that having one beverage a day increases the chances of breast cancer up to twenty to twenty five percent.

Eating green vegetables

Leafy green vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, tomato and citrus fruits are supposed to have such photochemical that have ability to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Eating raw vegetables is proved to be very healthy; the vegetables cruciferous family has special effects on health regarding breast cancer.

Being physically active

Twenty five minute of daily exercise make the body fit and healthy. Doctors prescribed daily walk as a key to stay healthy. This is because due to exercise the estrogen and progesterone lowers down. Obesity also increases the chances of breast cancer; the BMI must be maintained lower to twenty five. There are chances of fats deposition in the middle aged, after thirty five to fifty. There are more chances of breast cancer after the age of forty, so care must be taken at this age.

Minimizing omega-6 fats

Omega-6 fats that are obtained from corn, sunflower and cotton seed oil; they are thought to be responsible for breast cancer formation. In contrast to it, omega-3 fats have antioxidants that reduce the chances of breast cancer formation. The omega-3 fats are naturally present in fish cord oil, nuts and extra virgin olive oil.

Avoid pharmacological chemicals

Pharmacological food additives must be avoided. Although the researches have proved that use of aspirin lower down the chances of breast cancer development, but on the other hand many pharmaceutical drugs have increased the chance like intake of artificial estrogens and xeno-estrogen may lower the survival rate.

Optimistic mental attitude

Having a healthy routine not only deals with healthy dietary habits but it also covers the area of behavior. Having good relations with friends and family members, having a sound sleep reduce the mental strain, it makes the mind fresh and gives healthy feeling. Stress may results in hormonal imbalance, which is usually not considered to be good for health.

The risk of breast cancer is growing with greater pace, every year many women die with breast cancer. This creates an alarming situation. There are many nonprofit organizations working to help women suffering with breast cancer and also for those who have a potential risk of developing breast cancer in future. There are certain ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer and to increase the survival chances. These steps are easy to follow and proved to very helpful in fighting against breast cancer.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Causes of Breast Cancer

Causes of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common types of disease occurring in women all over the world. Different causes can lead to breast cancer such as extreme exposure to the radiation usually during radiation therapies. Excessive amount of radiation used in different treatments cause breast cancer disease. Similarly people belonging to different races also have less or more probabilities of developing breast cancer. In women if the estrogen level increases up to the optimum limit then it can also lead to breast cancer disease. With increasing age the chances of getting breast cancer become higher. Abnormal food intake is also among the major causes of breast cancer.

Exposure to radiation

One of the most eminent causes of breast cancer is accidental exposure to radiation which is usually through radiation therapies. Radiation therapy for the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma mostly causes breast cancer in female patients. Exposure to radiation doesn’t always cause the occurrence of breast cancer. In fact the amount of radiation to which patient was exposed and the age of patient really matters.

Abnormalities in the menstrual cycle

Higher levels of estrogen in human body can also lead to breast cancer disease. Estrogen level increase at its maximum during puberty so women in which the menstrual cycle starts very early and ends earlier also get breast cancer disease immediately. On the other hand women who get pregnant at a young age have reduced chances to get the disease.

Relation to a specific race

African black women have much more chances for the diagnosis of breast cancer at an early age rather white American women. Another fact regarding causes of breast cancer is entirely different from the one mentioned earlier. The overall probability of breast cancer is much higher in white American women than Africans.


Age is among the most noticeable causes of breast cancer as it plays an important role in the chances of disease. Older women have much more chances of getting breast cancer. In contrast the probability is much lower in young girls.

Reduced immunity for breast diseases

If a patient is less immune for different breast diseases then the chances of breast cancer in that patient also increase. Women who are more prone to breast disease should get routine mammograms. If a person with other breast disease gets breast cancer then the intensity of disease would be much higher.

Uncontrolled alcohol consumption

Excessive intake of alcohol increases the risk of different types of cancer including breast cancer. Different researches show that a controlled intake of alcohol such a one drink per day is not going to cause breast cancer. The elevated level of alcohol in the body causes chances of getting the disease also.

Breast cancer is a deadly disease much common in women. Thus the major symptoms and causes of disease are also related to women. Elaborating different causes of breast cancer means that there is a need to create awareness in the breast cancer society regarding breast cancer. This awareness will help a lot in eliminating different breast cancer causes. For example a limited intake of alcohol will eliminate the chances of getting breast cancer due to alcohol. Similarly many other precautions can help people from the dreadful attack of breast cancer. 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Types of Cancer Signs

Cancer Signs

Cancer signs help patients to recognize that there is something abnormal going on in their bodies which should be tested by the doctors. Cancer signs usually differ according to the type of cancer but there are some usual signs which are mostly evident in case of any type of cancer. Breathlessness, weight loss, moles and pimples on the skin are some very common examples of cancer signs. If there are any such signs which should not be ignored in any case. Most of cancer patients are diagnosed due to these signs and as a result the patient can undergo successful treatments without any risk.

Unusual swelling

One of the most common signs of cancer are weird lumps on the body which can be identified very easily. Lumps of swelling on the body don’t always mean that the person is attacked by cancer. They can be caused due to many reasons but if the lumps are not due to cancer then they are going to recover in a very short time.

Shortness of breath

A cancer patient suffers from extreme phases of shortness of breath which can be easily identified by the people living around them. If this shortness of breath only lasts for a moment then it means that there are some casual reasons for the problem. If breathlessness problem sustains for a few weeks then definitely the patient should feel cautious about it because it is a sign of cancer.

Immediate weight loss

Cancer patients start losing their immunity and thus they may lose their weight immediately. Weight loss is the most common symptom of cancer so if a patient feels immediate weight loss then he or she should not take it lightly.

Abrupt skin changes 

Skin is a portion of human body which is easily affected by any type of cancer. Pimples and moles caused due to cancer are quite different in the appearance and anyone can easily indicate the different between normal and malignant moles. One very evident difference in these melanoma pimples is their color. They are usually of different colors in contrast to the normal moles which are brown in color.

Croakiness in voice

This change in the voice is a very clear sign of cancer and the tumor development sometimes causes huskiness in the voice whether its men or women. There are four main types of cancer in which the huskiness of voice usually occurs. Those cancer types are gullet cancer, larynx cancer, thyroid cancer and lung cancer.

Cancer signs are the very first step to recognize the disease. So a patient needs to be vigilant about these signs so that the disease can be cured at the very beginning. There is a difference between the term cancer sign and symptom. Breast Cancer Society signs are those which can be easily identified by other people who are close to you. Doctors and medical specialists recommend not ignoring these signs as the treatment of disease would be much easier at the initial stages of cancer.

breast Cancer and Awareness Campaigns

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common and leading type of cancers in the world that affects one in eight women during their lives. Both men and women are affected by this cancer but number of cases in men is quite rare. It usually forms in breast tissues in the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules. It has devastating effects on the lives of women and one of the leading death cancers among all other types.

Risks Associated with Breast Cancer

There are number of risks that lead to the breast cancer but there are three major factors; age, genes and personal factors. Older women have more chances of breast cancer than younger ones. Similarly BRCA1 and BRCA2 both genes highly increase the risks in women having family history with diagnosed breast cancer. Other personal factors like beginning periods before age 12 or going through menopause after age 55 also increase the risk of this cancer type. Other risks may include alcohol addiction, overweight, taking birth control pills and use of hormonal replacement therapies.

Measuring Symptoms

Generally, it is believed that there are no common symptoms of breast cancer but you can determine it by self-examine a lump in the breast, a change in size or shape of the breast or discharge from a nipple or abnormal mammogram. Others symptoms include swelling, dimpling, redness, or soreness of skin or breasts. If you feel such type of changes in your breast, then you must consult with your physician for better guidance and cure.

Common Types of Breast Cancer

There are countless kinds of breast cancer found now a days and each type has its own symptoms and cure methodology depending upon the condition of patients. Some of common types may include Lobular Carcinoma in Situ (LCIS), Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS), Invasive Lobular Carcinoma (ILC) and Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC).

Diagnosis and Tests

Breast cancer can be best diagnosed by mammography and screening tests. You can also examine it by self-analysis procedures. Several campaigns have started to arouse the public awareness about this devastating cancer and valuable information is shared with people how to diagnose a breast cancer at early stages.

Treatment and Care

Like any other cancer types, breast cancer has several effective treatment therapies that guarantee success with complete satisfaction. These treatment therapies include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, Hormone therapy, lumpectomy, mastectomy, Clinical trials, Targeted therapy and other risk-reducing surgeries during treatment. Treatment procedure is selected according to the case history of each patient.


From last two decades, an increased number of breast cancer cases threatened women across the globe. The death rate from this cancer got second place after lung cancer in United States but now the situation is quite better. American Breast Cancer society and other organizations are actively working to control breast cancer and awareness campaigns have been cited in all over the world for this purpose. This movement has successfully achieved its goals as the number of registered cases of breast cancer is less than those registered in the past.