Monday, 24 June 2013

Breast Cancer Society Scam

Defrauding people in the name of noble causes is not only unethical but also unlawful. The fact is that scams have plagued every walk of life. The CBS New York, reporting of the Breast Cancer Scam in June 2013, revealed that the fake charity looted thousands of dollars from people in the name of fundraising for breast cancer. It was closed by the court orders, and it had to deposit $4.6 million to the court, the amount collected by placing phone calls to the public urging them to join hands with the ‘Coalition Against Breast Cancer’.

The court ordered to distribute the amount among the most celebrated nonprofit organizations working for the prevention of breast cancer worldwide. It’s not the only example of swindling people with charitable fundraising scams. Various other such charities and societies are yet operating, claiming to provide financial assistance and home care services to those who are battling with the breast cancer disease. The people who are compassionately urged to donate for the breast cancer sufferers are often trapped by the swamp of evil scammers.

Such sham fundraising societies sometimes overshadow the work of those legitimate charities that are devotedly working to help impoverished people to ensure expensive treatment and provide funds to the research projects on breast cancer.

However, there are many good examples of genuine work, having untarnished service record. Such scam-free charities give surety to their donors for the utilization of their money in right place for the noble cause.  These organizations raise funds periodically for providing the breast cancer patients a variety of services such as financial assistance, medical supplies, referral services, awareness campaigns and in-home care. They own well-established working system for the collection of donations and their appropriate utilization. The donations are also used for encouraging new researches and educating people on breast cancer round the globe. 

The scam societies claim that they are working for the noble cause of minimizing the deadly threats of breast cancer. They run funds collection campaigns in various communities or on their websites. Do you know how much of your donation is actually going to research, education or treatment of breast cancer? Many scam charities like American Breast Cancer Society, NFL and Planned Parenthood are badly degrading the noble cause of charity work.

At the websites of famed breast cancer charities, you find various ways through which you can donate and protect the breast cancer victims round the globe. Every breast cancer patient has the right of survival. Consequently, good charities offer their services for providing assistance to people combating breast cancer through various financial assistance programs. The efforts of good charities must be appreciated by masses with full devotion.

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