Thursday, 29 August 2013

Angels in the Pink Parade

Angels in the Pink Parade

Breast cancer is fast emerging as one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in women. In the United States alone, the incidence is about one in every eight and is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in women. While there is evidence of a genetic influence (the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes), most of the cancers are caused by factors like age, diet, hormonal imbalances and physical factors in the environment that are yet to be definitively tied with breast cancer but are suspected to play a major role in its pathophysiology.

Breast Cancer Support Groups
The entire experience of cancer can be very daunting for any individual, and since breast cancer has another aspect that is related directly to women, it can be quite the harrowing journey, to ease which is the aim of all these breast cancer groups that have sprung up. These present an opportunity for women going through the same situation to get together and help each other both emotionally and psychologically.

The Breast Cancer Society; Angels in the Pink Parade

The Breast Cancer society is one such group that is based in Arizona, U.S. and works as a non-profit organization for the betterment of Breast Cancer victims all over the states as well as all over the world, especially in developing countries. It has numerous programs that are directed towards providing funds for research and education, as well as direct assistance to the women going through this ordeal.

What makes the Breast Cancer Society unique?

The Breast Cancer society is different from all the other cancer support groups out there as it has more of a direct approach to helping Breast Cancer victims that includes financial assistance, educational loans and job referrals, everyday supplies as well as providing a platform for others going through the same process to sit down and share their experiences, since most of the already existing programs are more focused towards raising funds for research to help find a ‘cure’ for cancer, which doesn’t do much to help the people already undergoing treatment. 

The Hope Supply Program; Supplies, Support, Sisterhood

The Hope Supply program is one such initiative by the Breast Cancer Society that works by approaching retailers and manufacturers for donations from their overstock and clearance items, which include things like prosthetics, wigs, clothing, hygiene and household products and other necessary everyday items, and then providing them for free to the breast cancer patients so as to lessen some of the financial load that cancer treatments are infamous for. Currently, the Hope Supply Program is functioning out of two locations, one in Arizona and another in Pennsylvania.

How can I get involved and participate in the Breast Cancer Society?

For people looking to join the organization in helping and supporting people with Breast Cancer, the simplest way is to give a donation. You can also host your own event to raise money for the society, or even donate a vehicle, or be a part of the events hosted by the society like Awareness walks and Cruise for the Cure.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

TBCS: Volunteers’ support to fight against breast cancer

TBCS: Volunteers’ support to fight against breast cancer
Breast cancer is the type of cancer that is the most commonly occurs one in the female gender and is one of the highest mortality rates. Statistically speaking, there is a 12 percent probability of any woman being struck by this dreadful disease. It not only ravages the body, but causes extreme emotional upsetting as well. Women are more concerned with their physique than men, which is why such diseases can make them unsocial and introvert.

Financial burden that strikes families undergoing the medical procedure for breast cancer is quite is enormous. If insurance doesn’t cover such tragedies, breast cancer victims usually seek aid from charity organizations. Breast cancer may strike as fatal disease, but the fact of the matter is that the mortality rate is very low and the cancer itself is treatable. It can be easily detected by frequent health checks and can be treated if diagnosed at an early stage.

Since cancer is a disease that completely destroys the patients, it is very hard for cancer victims to tend for themselves. Families play a huge role in helping cancer victims come back to normal life, so do cancer rehabilitation centers. In fact, most families tend to opt for good cancer rehabilitations for their loved ones nowadays.

A big increase in cancer rehabilitation centers can be noted over the past couple of years. However, with the growth of this sector many people are starting to take advantage of cancer victims through elaborately run scams. Such charities and organizations are very hard to catch because no strict regulations are yet imposed on such organizations and since most of them acquire their funds through charities or investors, it becomes a very strenuous effort to keep checks and balances.

Treating breast cancer involves a lot of money and the expenditure of continuing the therapy can strain even families with stable incomes and leave them helpless. All hope is not lost, for there are many different organizations that are willing to lend the victims a helping hand in this matter. However, most of them are either very ineffective charities that have no efficiency, involve thieves in the hierarchy who are stealing form them or are mostly scammers who are looking to prey on unsuspecting victims.

These scammers are not bound by any moral code, do not differentiate poor from rich and do not care if the victim has breast cancer and is already in a dire situation. In the midst of chaos of so many organizations that all claim to be the one to aid and guide the victim through this nightmare, very few exist that are effective and sincere in their ideology.

The Breast Cancer Society is a well reputed and authenticated organization that is legitimately doing whatever it takes to help the patients who approach them. Situated in Mesa, Arizona, this charity is among the few that are looking for the well-being of their patients and helping them in all the ways to cope with breast cancer, both emotionally and financially. The Breast Cancer Society has a very good standing among charities, supplies the patients with medical items that they require, direct them to reputed people and institutes that can aid them and aids them financially and emotionally in this trial.

One of the most inspiring things that can be noted about the Breast Cancer Society is their well-established community of volunteers. These volunteers whole-heatedly devote themselves to service breast cancer. Their activities range from helping breast cancer victims to accumulating funds for services.

Personal Gains Beating a Noble Cause

Breast Cancer: Personal Gains Beating a Noble Cause

Apparently there is no cause better than a personal gain, ooops! I meant a noble humanitarian cause, or did I? October is round the corner and soon it will be time when pink ribbons will be fluttering around the globe as campaign against breast cancer.  What started out as noble life saving cause has transformed into a money minting machine.

Come October, and the Pink Parade will be at its full pomp and show. The Pink fever will spread like a disease. Once you get the fever it gets hard not to participate in the pink drive. Form big bad boys of wwe and nfl to movie stars and film celebrities, you will find everyone hoisting a shade of pink, apparently struggling against breast cancer.  Every ad that you see and every product that you pick will be pink one way or the other.

It all seems for a good cause but then there are breast cancer charities that during this time of accelerated awareness campaigns, will pry upon your generosity and kind heartedness. These organizations will not only lure you into their fold of buying their merchandise but will also convince you to donate big bucks. Some sell the bait of a cure. Claiming to be a research group, working extensively on finding a cure for breast cancer, these organizations will pester you or their benefactor of more donations.

When questioned about expenditures and progress, they will do everything to divert attention.  Others go for a more subtle approach, in which they present themselves as an organization or charity actively contributing to a breast cancer society, recovery centre, or hospital. No one doubts their participation, and they may be participating regularly. The question is about the effectiveness and extent of their involvement and how the donations are utilized. Some organizations are well intentioned but not well organized they are spending more on staff and director salaries then their actual contributions.

There are some tax exempt organizations which are in fact a money making front. How do they accomplish this feat? Well they not only advertise their product indirectly but also sell their merchandize, in the name of the pink parade. Some companies directors and C.E.O’s draw extensive salaries from such charities.

Now there is no need to get upset and hold back the helping hand.  However you can do a bit better and research about the people or organization you want to give your money too. First and foremost you must avoid the email scams. Validate the legitimacy of the organization you’re donating to. You can find a comprehensive list of well reputed charities online. 

Refer to watch dogs or institutions and reviews to verify the existence of the charity and to validate the authenticity of the organization. Make sure that the money you donate is being utilized effectively. Contribute directly rather than relying on others to make the contribution on your behalf. Cross check with the hospitals and care centres they are claiming to corroborate with. Avoid dolling out cash to people claiming to be representatives of an alleged organization.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Breast Cancer Diagnosis - How Do You Tell the People You Love?

Breast Cancer Diagnosis - How Do You Tell the People You Love?
The only thing that changes the life of a woman faster than a breast cancer diagnosis is motherhood. In one defining moment, everything she thinks about the world or believes about herself and her body is changed. She feels betrayed by her body, afraid for the future, fearful for the physical ramifications, and concerned about so many other issues. One of the most terrifying aspects, at this point in the diagnosis is how to tell your family and friends. Here are a few clues to help you break the news to your loved ones.
Your Children Need to Hear it from You
We live in a day and age where everything is on the Internet and secrets are hard to keep. Even if you tell your friends in confidence, there's no guarantee that it won't spread around the web like a wildfire. Someone is going to say something to your kids, overhear a conversation, or read something on Facebook. You need to tell your family before you tell anyone outside your home and your children need to be among the first to hear the news.
Keep it Age Appropriate
Children need to know you have cancer, but they don't need all the sordid details. Keep the message short and upbeat. Ask if they have any questions but allow them a little bit of time to process the news too. Be understanding if they lash out, become angry, or seem confused. These are normal behaviors and have nothing to do with your child's love for you. Generally, they only lash out because they love you so much.
Tell Your Spouse the Truth and Be Prepared for Anything
While every man would like to think he'll react perfectly for his wife at a moment like this, the truth is no one knows how they're going to react until they're in the moment. Some men never miss a bit and get right down to the business of solving/curing your cancer. Other men become irrationally angry. 
Cancer is the one thing your husband, who would jump in front of a train for you if given the choice, cannot protect you from and it frightens him, makes him angry, and leaves him feeling powerless. This can be a volatile situation in your emotional state. Be prepared and try not to let it hurt you if he lashes out right now. He will come around and feel incredibly guilty if it's any consolation.
Reveal Your Condition to Select Family Members
Once you've told your immediate family, be selective in who you reveal the information to outside the home. Don't reveal on a wide scale (or to your gossipy friend who has a trigger finger on her Facebook feed at all times) until you're ready for an onslaught of questions and commentary. Once the people who need to know are informed, relax and allow nature to take its course. For the most part, word will get around more quickly than you'd care to admit. 
If you're a person of faith, you might also be interested in discussing your condition with a respected member of the clergy in your church. Prayer support is always comforting at times like these and your religious leader may have insight or access to resources such as The Breast CancerSociety, that can provide assistance to get you through the treatment process, that you would not know about otherwise.