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TBCS: Volunteers’ support to fight against breast cancer

TBCS: Volunteers’ support to fight against breast cancer
Breast cancer is the type of cancer that is the most commonly occurs one in the female gender and is one of the highest mortality rates. Statistically speaking, there is a 12 percent probability of any woman being struck by this dreadful disease. It not only ravages the body, but causes extreme emotional upsetting as well. Women are more concerned with their physique than men, which is why such diseases can make them unsocial and introvert.

Financial burden that strikes families undergoing the medical procedure for breast cancer is quite is enormous. If insurance doesn’t cover such tragedies, breast cancer victims usually seek aid from charity organizations. Breast cancer may strike as fatal disease, but the fact of the matter is that the mortality rate is very low and the cancer itself is treatable. It can be easily detected by frequent health checks and can be treated if diagnosed at an early stage.

Since cancer is a disease that completely destroys the patients, it is very hard for cancer victims to tend for themselves. Families play a huge role in helping cancer victims come back to normal life, so do cancer rehabilitation centers. In fact, most families tend to opt for good cancer rehabilitations for their loved ones nowadays.

A big increase in cancer rehabilitation centers can be noted over the past couple of years. However, with the growth of this sector many people are starting to take advantage of cancer victims through elaborately run scams. Such charities and organizations are very hard to catch because no strict regulations are yet imposed on such organizations and since most of them acquire their funds through charities or investors, it becomes a very strenuous effort to keep checks and balances.

Treating breast cancer involves a lot of money and the expenditure of continuing the therapy can strain even families with stable incomes and leave them helpless. All hope is not lost, for there are many different organizations that are willing to lend the victims a helping hand in this matter. However, most of them are either very ineffective charities that have no efficiency, involve thieves in the hierarchy who are stealing form them or are mostly scammers who are looking to prey on unsuspecting victims.

These scammers are not bound by any moral code, do not differentiate poor from rich and do not care if the victim has breast cancer and is already in a dire situation. In the midst of chaos of so many organizations that all claim to be the one to aid and guide the victim through this nightmare, very few exist that are effective and sincere in their ideology.

The Breast Cancer Society is a well reputed and authenticated organization that is legitimately doing whatever it takes to help the patients who approach them. Situated in Mesa, Arizona, this charity is among the few that are looking for the well-being of their patients and helping them in all the ways to cope with breast cancer, both emotionally and financially. The Breast Cancer Society has a very good standing among charities, supplies the patients with medical items that they require, direct them to reputed people and institutes that can aid them and aids them financially and emotionally in this trial.

One of the most inspiring things that can be noted about the Breast Cancer Society is their well-established community of volunteers. These volunteers whole-heatedly devote themselves to service breast cancer. Their activities range from helping breast cancer victims to accumulating funds for services.

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