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Angels in the Pink Parade

Angels in the Pink Parade

Breast cancer is fast emerging as one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in women. In the United States alone, the incidence is about one in every eight and is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in women. While there is evidence of a genetic influence (the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes), most of the cancers are caused by factors like age, diet, hormonal imbalances and physical factors in the environment that are yet to be definitively tied with breast cancer but are suspected to play a major role in its pathophysiology.

Breast Cancer Support Groups
The entire experience of cancer can be very daunting for any individual, and since breast cancer has another aspect that is related directly to women, it can be quite the harrowing journey, to ease which is the aim of all these breast cancer groups that have sprung up. These present an opportunity for women going through the same situation to get together and help each other both emotionally and psychologically.

The Breast Cancer Society; Angels in the Pink Parade

The Breast Cancer society is one such group that is based in Arizona, U.S. and works as a non-profit organization for the betterment of Breast Cancer victims all over the states as well as all over the world, especially in developing countries. It has numerous programs that are directed towards providing funds for research and education, as well as direct assistance to the women going through this ordeal.

What makes the Breast Cancer Society unique?

The Breast Cancer society is different from all the other cancer support groups out there as it has more of a direct approach to helping Breast Cancer victims that includes financial assistance, educational loans and job referrals, everyday supplies as well as providing a platform for others going through the same process to sit down and share their experiences, since most of the already existing programs are more focused towards raising funds for research to help find a ‘cure’ for cancer, which doesn’t do much to help the people already undergoing treatment. 

The Hope Supply Program; Supplies, Support, Sisterhood

The Hope Supply program is one such initiative by the Breast Cancer Society that works by approaching retailers and manufacturers for donations from their overstock and clearance items, which include things like prosthetics, wigs, clothing, hygiene and household products and other necessary everyday items, and then providing them for free to the breast cancer patients so as to lessen some of the financial load that cancer treatments are infamous for. Currently, the Hope Supply Program is functioning out of two locations, one in Arizona and another in Pennsylvania.

How can I get involved and participate in the Breast Cancer Society?

For people looking to join the organization in helping and supporting people with Breast Cancer, the simplest way is to give a donation. You can also host your own event to raise money for the society, or even donate a vehicle, or be a part of the events hosted by the society like Awareness walks and Cruise for the Cure.

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