Wednesday, 1 April 2015

How do Breast Cancer Society Events help Cancer Patients and Survivors

Cancer is a dreaded disease that strikes fear in the bravest of hearts. Even in the modern times when there are a number of treatment options available for cancer, people still fear the ailment. The fear is not unfounded either because even if treatment for cancer is available, sometimes the treatment can be more painful and taxing than the ailment itself. One of the most common types of cancers among women is breast cancer and many women lose if not their lives then their self confidence to it. This is the reason that many caring individuals and groups have come up in support of the women battling this dreaded ailment. These support groups often host breast cancer society events which provide the cancer patients and survivors with a much needed break from their constant worry and fear.

These events are usually a lot of fun for the participants and make them forget their troubles for some time. At the same time, at these events they are able to meet other survivors and patients who understand exactly where the shoe pinches. The survivors are able to offer a lot of support and courage to those who are newly diagnosed. These events generate funds which will be utilized in helping those who cannot afford the diagnosis process, treatment and medicine.

The newly diagnosed cancer patients are able to get tips about dealing with the fear, pain and anguish from those who have survived the disease. Sometimes women suffering from breast cancer lose their breast, and this can be a great blow to the self esteem of a woman and can also affect her romantic relationships. This is also an aspect that these women learn to cope with from the survivors who have been through a similar trauma. What’s more the groups that conduct breast cancer society events don’t just concentrate on fun and games. Instead they provide the cancer patients and survivors with information about how to deal with the disease. This information can be found on their user friendly websites.
Not only this, there is also relevant information about the current research in the treatment of cancer and its causes, clinical trials, research grants, public health advertising campaigns, etc. These groups essentially pay tribute to all those who have lost their lives to cancer and celebrate the victory of the survivors. Apart from providing much needed support to cancer patients and survivors, they also do a lot of work towards raising awareness about the ailment in society. Often the difference between life and death for a cancer patient is the diagnosis of the ailment at the right time and it takes some self examination to determine whether or not you should go for further tests and such information provided by these groups can save lives.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness Donations: How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Many philanthropists have been discouraged from donating to different cancer society’s due to the increased cases of fraud, scams and unaccountability. This has led to the increased suffering of those who were benefiting from such kinds of donations. Several breast cancer nongovernmental organizations have not been left out of this fraud. Most of these organizations were established with only one main reason, to benefit from the vulnerable.

The first thing you need to do before you sign that cheque or before clicking that button donate to breast cancer awareness is to ascertain the genuineness of the breast cancer society in question. Although the above points are important, they aren’t as important as what happens within the breast cancer society itself. In fact, it’s what goes on inside the office that makes the government and those reviewing the society to give it the positive feedback. What exactly is it that these groups are talking positive about a given breast cancer society?

A breast cancer society that works with other organizations is probably a genuine one. As a donor, if you come across a breast cancer society that works with other organizations, bodies and institutions to direct their assistance to those with breast cancer, then this is the right place to donate to. This is because if they are working with several organizations, they probably do not have something to hide. An organization that works singly will most likely be concerned on how to keep more for them. A  genuine breast cancer society most probably works with hospitals, clinics, schools, missions and other bodies to channel their assistance to those infected with and those affected by breast cancer
The second important thing is how the money is being used. There are so many researches going on about how to prevent, how to cure or how to contain breast cancer. It is not wrong to do these researches, but is right to leave those who are already infected to continue suffering. The most important thing a cancer society must do is to direct most of their resources to those affected and infected than to any other department.

Most societies today are not accountable of where funds, donations, grants and other forms of income go to. The best way of being accountable is by making accounting reports to be easily accessible by anyone. Auditing results should be available both in hard copy and on the websites of a given breast cancer society. Let the auditing be done by an external or an independent auditor and not your own auditor. By these, donors can be able to understand how their money is being spent.

A genuine breast cancer society is concerned about the well being of the patient. If on the auditor’s report you realize that there is either no or just some little money directed directly to the patient, you can as well not donate to this society

Breast cancer awareness Week: Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer

They say experience is the best teacher. In anything that needs learning, the best person to teach you is either a person who has experienced that thing either first hand or secondarily. When we talk of breast cancer awareness, the best people to make an impact in other people’s lives are either those who have suffered from breast cancer before or those who have had their relatives suffer from this condition.  You either have successfully fought the pain or you sister died of it or you mother is currently having the pains of breast cancer or even your daughter…

That’s why when we talk about breast cancer awareness, no one is considered to be more influential than Peggy Or en-stein who happens to be the bestselling author who wrote “Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer” that was published on the New York Times Magazine on the breast cancer awareness week.  Peggy survived breast cancer twice and yet she does not like referring to herself as one. She prefers to call herself a victim of breast cancer rather than a survivor. Her argument is,if she calls herself a survivor of this deadly disease, those who succumb to the condition will be referred to as losers which are not really right.

At first, Peggy believed that mammogram saved her life. That was back in 1996 when she was just 35 and her doctor sent her for initial screening. However, it’s not till the age of 40 that she made it an annual practice to go for mammograms. Peggy had no family history of breast cancer and thought of no risk factors for the condition.

When the radiologist came across a bicycle-spoke-like odd pattern on the film and sent Peggy for a biopsy, she was still not worried. After all, no one gets a breast cancer at 35. However, confusion, fear and anger were to follow. It was good news that the patterns were detected early and a six week radiation treatment meant she would survive.

Coincidentally, a few weeks after this diagnosis, the National Institute of Health appointed a panel that made headlines by declining to recommend universal screening to be done on women in their 40’s because there was no evidence to show a significant decrease of breast cancer deaths in that age group. Due to the dense breast tissue, it was possible for younger women to be a subject of misappropriate false negatives and false positives. These conclusions didn’t go well with Peggy.

Sixteen years down the line, she has a changed thinking. This is because several studies have been revealing the screening limits as well as dangers associated with over treatment. These studies are so important since they are educating women on how to detect, when to detect and how to deal with breast cancer. That apart, breast cancer awareness week is earmarked to spread awareness about fighting the disease. It is not just during the breast cancer awareness week, but people have to fight round the clock to get the disease under control.

Friday, 29 November 2013

The Breast Cancer Society, A United Front Against Cancer

Breast cancer is a silent killer. It does not exhibit symptoms until it has progressed to its last stages from which it cannot be cured. The disease is devastating even during therapy as it is psychologically stress inducing for women and takes a heavy toll on their body. Fortunately, the Breast Cancer Society is here to help those in need. Over 2.9 million people have beaten breast cancer and the Breast Cancer Society is doing its best to make sure more can survive. TBCS’s programs aim to provide patients with the best available treatment. They also help rehabilitation and re-entering society.

Global coverage with International Medical Aid
The Breast Cancer Society does not limit itself to the United States and through its International Medical Aid program it extends its services globally. TBCS aims to help any patient suffering from breast cancer. Patients are given both medicines and treatment to cure the disease. In countries where poor medical services are prevalent, the Breast Cancer Society sends its qualified doctors to attend to the patients.

Donate and make a difference through the Hope Supply Program
TBCS handles its donations and charitable work through its centralized Hope Supply program. Through the Hope Supply program, people are open to donate as they please. TBCS also seeks sponsors. With the funds and supplies, the Hope Supply program aims to lend a helping hand to the patients so they will not have to support the entire cost of the treatment. Companies and Sponsors are asked to increase public awareness about the Breast Cancer Society and to donate for the patients suffering from the disease. The funds are used to supplement the costs patients have to bear for treatment and basic necessities for the patients such as clothes, wigs, household products and expensive medication.  Hope Supply centres act as stations to donate to needy patients.

Treatment at your doorstep though In Home Care Program
The Breast Cancer Society has formulated the In Home Care program for patients who cannot tend themselves or for families who are either unaware of proper treatment or are too busy with everyday lives to give full attention to their loved ones. The In Home Care program provides the patients with doctors and nurses which give their services at the doorstep of the patient. This eases the burden from the family of caring entirely for the patient or in cases the patient lives alone. The essential goal of this program is to ease the burden from patients and help in a speedy recovery.

Easing money woes through Financial Assistance
The majority of funds are channelled into the Financial Assistance Program. Through the funds, charity drives and awareness programs are initiated as early diagnosis is the key to preventing breast cancer. This program allows patients needing financial assistance to avail help and have partial coverage of the treatment.

Education continuation with Empower One Scholarship Fund
Cancer does not strike with warning and for women undergoing education the financial burden forces them to make heavy choices. The Empower One Scholarship Fund program is designed to find patients eligible to receive the scholarship grant by The Breast Cancer Society to help them continue their education.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

TBCS - Hailing you on the road to recovery from Breast Cancer

The breast cancer malignancy can only be stopped by early diagnosis, treatment and care.  The breast cancer surfaces the second highest place in mortality rate among all other cancer types. There are various factors which participate in making this disease aggressive. It has been estimated that in various countries every one woman out of eight is diagnosed with breast cancer. This is increasing at alarming rate but the cure is possible if timely treated.

Why breast cancer mortality rate is still high?

The pain and ordeal of breast cancer is not hidden from anyone. The breast cancer poses direct and indirect bad consequences on the woman diagnosed with breast cancer and her family respectively. It beleaguers the whole family with stress, ignorance, discomfort and household mismanagement. Moreover the complete treatment of this very ailment requires proper and correct guideline, early diagnosis, and full attention towards the patient, heavy and continuous expanse. 

Provision of all these requirements become a hard nut to crack for the families which are not fiscally stable, dependent on the a single sufferer mother, having no awareness about breast cancer before and the people who can’t pay appropriate attention towards the breast cancer sufferer because of their busy schedule of life. These circumstances make the situation more horrible thus bringing unfortunately death in the fate of breast cancer sufferer.

The real hope

As the result of such heart taking situation The breast cancer society is continuously striving to eradicate the breast cancer from this earth. The breast cancer society is the no for profit charity which really comes upto the original meanings of charity. Being unblemished cancer society it has been saving thousands of precious lives of women and is promising to produce more breast cancer survivors.

Borderless assistance

TBCS is based in Mesa, Arizona but its goal is not only limited at the local scale. Internationally TBCS provides financial, medical and technological aid the poor and under developing world for the same purpose. Many health facility units of those countries collaborate with TBCS for treating and reducing the mortality rate of breast cancer from their countries.

The caregivers

TBCS not only provides financial aid but it also believes in humanity. Along with the other programs with the in home care program of TBCS many breast cancer patients are transforming to the breast cancer survivors. We provide best and trained caregivers for the patients and families facing problems during breast cancer treatment. The feeling of loneliness during breast cancer contributes for dropping a person’s confidence, hope and health drastically. To cater such problems the aforementioned service was started.

Empowering the survivors

Another important program of TBCS is the empowering the women after recovery for the purpose of gaining their confidence, self-respect and respectable place in the society. This program was started for those females who are main earning hands of their family. During treatment phase they lose their jobs and earnings. Therefore, The breast cancer society provides educational aid to them which is promising for securing their future.

Friday, 11 October 2013

When is the Best Time to Give to the Breast Cancer Society?

When is the Best Time to Give to the Breast Cancer Society?

Truthfully speaking, anytime you want to give to the charity of your choice is a great time to give. There are some times of year, however, when some charitable organizations find themselves in greater need than others.

This will vary greatly from one organization to another. For instance, charities that provide shelter for the homeless have greater need of supplies during winter months when the homeless are most likely to seek shelter.

Other charities find that they are often overflowing with gifts and donations around the holidays. These organizations have greater need during the early months of summer and into fall. These are times when donations are few and needs remain high.

The Breast Cancer Society needs donations throughout the year. Breast cancer, unfortunately, is not a seasonal condition. It strikes at any time.

You have plenty of options available to consider when giving to the Breast Cancer Society and other charities. These are a few of them. One is sure to appeal to you if you're serious in your desire to support worthy charitable causes.

Yearly Gifts

These are donations or gifts you give at the same time every year. You can make them part of your annual financial plans. Some people set aside a specific amount of money each month and rotate it into 12 different charities throughout the year -- one for each month. Others set aside a specific amount of money each month in order to combine the funds for a larger annual gift. The choice is yours and all donations and gifts are appreciated.

Seasonal Gifts

There are four seasons in a year. Some people prefer to give seasonally to the charities of their choosing. These gifts may coincide with dividends, quarterly bonuses, etc. Regardless of why you choose to give seasonal gifts, it's a simple matter to set up quarterly gift giving to charities such as the Breast Cancer Society.

Monthly Gifts

These may be the simplest gifts to give. You can set up a monthly gift where the money is automatically deducted from your account (in the amount you approve) month after month. This ensures that financial gifts to organizations like the Breast Cancer Society that need funds throughout the year are available when they're needed rather than only available at certain times of the year. You can choose the time of the month the money is sent each month and enjoy hassle free giving at its finest.

One Time Gifts
Some people do not want to provide regular gifts or donations to charitable groups. Perhaps they've recently inherited a lump sum of money, won an award, or had a life-event that makes giving now, is attractive. One-time gifts are the bread and butter of many charitable organizations and perfectly acceptable and appreciated at any time of the year.

Never be afraid to give because you feel your gift is too small, too larger, or unwanted. All Breast Cancer Society gifts are appreciated a great deal by the women who benefit from the services your gifts provide them through the charitable organization.   

Friday, 27 September 2013

The Holidays are Coming -What Do You Give Someone Who has Everything?

The Holidays are Coming - What Do You Give Someone Who has Everything?
Every year the holidays come and there is that one person on your gift-giving list that you have no idea what kind of gift to give. It's that one person who already has everything and is fairly self-sufficient to get the things he or she needs or wants. While it's true that everyone has something on his or her wish list, it's not always easy to figure out what that something is. If you have a hard target on your Christmas list this year, these are a few great gift ideas to keep in mind.

Gift-of-the-Month Club Memberships

These clubs exist for a wide range of items, mostly consumables. They include everything from books to wine, coffee, cheesecake, beer and more. Most importantly of all, it's a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Your mother, grandmother, uncle, or friend will think of you each month as the gift arrives. Other membership groups to consider include those that offer cosmetic items delivered each month (there are several from which to choose) for the fashionista or beauty guru on your gift list. This is an especially great gift for teens and college-aged girls as they include high-end items they wouldn't ordinarily be able to purchase for themselves.

Sentimental Gifts

The gift of heart and soul is nothing to scoff. Create a slideshow of memories, put together a family cookbook of favorite recipes, knit a scarf in your old school colors, frame works of art you've created yourself, or even write a book of poetry dedicated to your friend or loved one. It's a sentimental gift that can't be purchased in stores and no amount of money can buy. You know best, what your talents are. You can create a gift making use of the skills you have to make your friend laugh, cry, or simply feel warm and loved all over every time he or she looks at your gift.

Donate Your Time or Money to the Breast Cancer Society in Honor of Your Friend or Loved One

There are few people who haven't been touched by breast cancer. Whether it's a mother, daughter, aunt, sister, grandmother, teacher, mentor, or friend, almost everyone in the country knows someone who has had breast cancer. Giving the gift of a donation to a charity that takes such as hand's on approach to assisting women who are experiencing breast cancer today is a gift that keeps on giving for your friend and to all the women whose lives are touched by the generous gift you've given in your friend's name. If your friend is someone who would not approve of the idea of you making large monetary gifts in his or her name, consider donating your time in honor of your friend instead. 

There are many ways to give, after all.Gift giving can be quite the challenge in today's high-tech and modern society. However, low-tech gifts like these can put smiles on the faces of your toughest gift buying challenges.