Friday, 29 November 2013

The Breast Cancer Society, A United Front Against Cancer

Breast cancer is a silent killer. It does not exhibit symptoms until it has progressed to its last stages from which it cannot be cured. The disease is devastating even during therapy as it is psychologically stress inducing for women and takes a heavy toll on their body. Fortunately, the Breast Cancer Society is here to help those in need. Over 2.9 million people have beaten breast cancer and the Breast Cancer Society is doing its best to make sure more can survive. TBCS’s programs aim to provide patients with the best available treatment. They also help rehabilitation and re-entering society.

Global coverage with International Medical Aid
The Breast Cancer Society does not limit itself to the United States and through its International Medical Aid program it extends its services globally. TBCS aims to help any patient suffering from breast cancer. Patients are given both medicines and treatment to cure the disease. In countries where poor medical services are prevalent, the Breast Cancer Society sends its qualified doctors to attend to the patients.

Donate and make a difference through the Hope Supply Program
TBCS handles its donations and charitable work through its centralized Hope Supply program. Through the Hope Supply program, people are open to donate as they please. TBCS also seeks sponsors. With the funds and supplies, the Hope Supply program aims to lend a helping hand to the patients so they will not have to support the entire cost of the treatment. Companies and Sponsors are asked to increase public awareness about the Breast Cancer Society and to donate for the patients suffering from the disease. The funds are used to supplement the costs patients have to bear for treatment and basic necessities for the patients such as clothes, wigs, household products and expensive medication.  Hope Supply centres act as stations to donate to needy patients.

Treatment at your doorstep though In Home Care Program
The Breast Cancer Society has formulated the In Home Care program for patients who cannot tend themselves or for families who are either unaware of proper treatment or are too busy with everyday lives to give full attention to their loved ones. The In Home Care program provides the patients with doctors and nurses which give their services at the doorstep of the patient. This eases the burden from the family of caring entirely for the patient or in cases the patient lives alone. The essential goal of this program is to ease the burden from patients and help in a speedy recovery.

Easing money woes through Financial Assistance
The majority of funds are channelled into the Financial Assistance Program. Through the funds, charity drives and awareness programs are initiated as early diagnosis is the key to preventing breast cancer. This program allows patients needing financial assistance to avail help and have partial coverage of the treatment.

Education continuation with Empower One Scholarship Fund
Cancer does not strike with warning and for women undergoing education the financial burden forces them to make heavy choices. The Empower One Scholarship Fund program is designed to find patients eligible to receive the scholarship grant by The Breast Cancer Society to help them continue their education.

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