Monday, 2 March 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness Donations: How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Many philanthropists have been discouraged from donating to different cancer society’s due to the increased cases of fraud, scams and unaccountability. This has led to the increased suffering of those who were benefiting from such kinds of donations. Several breast cancer nongovernmental organizations have not been left out of this fraud. Most of these organizations were established with only one main reason, to benefit from the vulnerable.

The first thing you need to do before you sign that cheque or before clicking that button donate to breast cancer awareness is to ascertain the genuineness of the breast cancer society in question. Although the above points are important, they aren’t as important as what happens within the breast cancer society itself. In fact, it’s what goes on inside the office that makes the government and those reviewing the society to give it the positive feedback. What exactly is it that these groups are talking positive about a given breast cancer society?

A breast cancer society that works with other organizations is probably a genuine one. As a donor, if you come across a breast cancer society that works with other organizations, bodies and institutions to direct their assistance to those with breast cancer, then this is the right place to donate to. This is because if they are working with several organizations, they probably do not have something to hide. An organization that works singly will most likely be concerned on how to keep more for them. A  genuine breast cancer society most probably works with hospitals, clinics, schools, missions and other bodies to channel their assistance to those infected with and those affected by breast cancer
The second important thing is how the money is being used. There are so many researches going on about how to prevent, how to cure or how to contain breast cancer. It is not wrong to do these researches, but is right to leave those who are already infected to continue suffering. The most important thing a cancer society must do is to direct most of their resources to those affected and infected than to any other department.

Most societies today are not accountable of where funds, donations, grants and other forms of income go to. The best way of being accountable is by making accounting reports to be easily accessible by anyone. Auditing results should be available both in hard copy and on the websites of a given breast cancer society. Let the auditing be done by an external or an independent auditor and not your own auditor. By these, donors can be able to understand how their money is being spent.

A genuine breast cancer society is concerned about the well being of the patient. If on the auditor’s report you realize that there is either no or just some little money directed directly to the patient, you can as well not donate to this society

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