Monday, 24 June 2013

Breast Cancer Donations Scams

People use their sharp minds either for good reason or for deceiving others. Due to this discrepancy scam has strengthened its roots in every walk of life because people give priority to their self benefits instead of giving benefits to others. Many non-profit organizations declaring themselves supporters for breast cancer fighters use the tag “non -profit” but they don’t really honor it. These organizations raise funds and voice to encourage the donations from your side for helping the breast cancer fighters. But the truth behind this practice is to collect the scam breast cancer donations for their own revenue.
We see a lot many charitable companies call for your donations for breast cancer treatment through telephony, website or via fundraising walks and manufacturing goods. People blindly donate for their eternal satisfaction whenever the charity seems to be committed for such noble cause. But have you ever thought that where your donations go actually? No doubt these donations go for supporting those organizations but not for the actual purpose rather they uncaringly use the money for upgrading their administration, websites and their company name.
In the current month the court has charged a sham charity for looting innocent people in the name of donating “Coalition against Breast Cancer”. Similarly, Planned Parenthood, American Cancer Society, Pink and NFL breast cancer campaigns are same organizations following the scam breast cancer donations.
The breast cancer donations and fundraising should be for helping and assisting the innocent breast cancer patients these should not be used as the business opportunity. Even then many renowned companies collaborate with such defraud charities and both make money out of it instead of giving them to the true deservers.
Many people argue that hundreds of thousands of dollars are given to the charities by the compassionate people who really want to bring breast cancer to the end but still we see rise in breast cancer cases in North America where every 1 woman has cancer out of 8 women. From the last 20 years America is fighting for breast cancer eradication but why our efforts are not effective yet? The reason is definitely because of breast cancer scam donations and their utilization.
Be aware of such sham and swindle scammers who enjoy on thousands of dollars they collect in the name of donations for breast cancer fighters. They not only play with life of patient but also affect their families. The mortality rate of breast cancer may become low if these charities do what they have committed to the nation.
Only a few breast cancer charities fulfill all the requirements expected to have in any charity working for battling breast cancer. They never ruin your money and effort you made for protecting people from breast cancer.

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