Monday, 24 June 2013

Breast Cancer Fundraising Scam

Whenever we hear about the shams and frauds related to breast cancer awareness and treatment, the question arises in one’s mind that how such evil charities can make money out of this noble cause? Probably every day we come across with fundraising of many charities claim to support the breast cancer fighters for their cure. In fact the donors enthusiastically open their pocketbooks whenever the charity alleges that it is combating against menace of breast cancer. But how much of your donation goes in right hands? Many scam societies are busy in defrauding people and interestingly they are much successful in snatching your money in the shape of scam fundraising.

Can your few miles walk provide cure to the breast cancer victims? Numerous charitable organizations claim that they are non-profit organizations and seek your support for battling for breast cancer combaters. But in reality these are sham commitments and sham organizations that play wickedly with the lives of people either donors or breast cancer patients. Many charities are running and sustaining with the donations they receive from you in the name of breast cancer donations. Instead of utilizing theses donations for encouraging new researches and financial assistance to the impoverished victims they are being consumed on charity’s administration and self benefits.

We should be aware of such scam fundraising charities yet it seems difficult to gather information about the charity real wicked goals behind breast cancer fundraising. In common observation, we see that whenever the products are sold with having pink ribbon upon them people blindly purchase them with their good intention of supporting the companies for combating breast cancer but in reality many of them make money for their own benefits out of your good intentions.

However, this is one side of the picture. We can’t forget the genuine efforts made by breast cancer charities promising for raising the voice for scam free cause of fighting breast cancer. The whole amount generated in their fundraising sessions entirely goes for enriching education and research regarding breast cancer society and treatment respectively.

From these charities, the unprivileged breast cancer patients receive financial assistance, monthly scholarships and even the college degree during the phase of recovery. Fearlessly thousands of volunteers participate and receive donations in various fundraising walks and awareness sessions.

These charitable organizations are truly committed to fight against breast cancer. If one is getting skeptic for donating to breast cancer charities due to his past bad experience with any sham charity then he should go for complete investigation. The reviews and testimonials can help a lot to know the reputation of breast cancer organizations and people’s experience with them.

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