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Types of Cancer Signs

Cancer Signs

Cancer signs help patients to recognize that there is something abnormal going on in their bodies which should be tested by the doctors. Cancer signs usually differ according to the type of cancer but there are some usual signs which are mostly evident in case of any type of cancer. Breathlessness, weight loss, moles and pimples on the skin are some very common examples of cancer signs. If there are any such signs which should not be ignored in any case. Most of cancer patients are diagnosed due to these signs and as a result the patient can undergo successful treatments without any risk.

Unusual swelling

One of the most common signs of cancer are weird lumps on the body which can be identified very easily. Lumps of swelling on the body don’t always mean that the person is attacked by cancer. They can be caused due to many reasons but if the lumps are not due to cancer then they are going to recover in a very short time.

Shortness of breath

A cancer patient suffers from extreme phases of shortness of breath which can be easily identified by the people living around them. If this shortness of breath only lasts for a moment then it means that there are some casual reasons for the problem. If breathlessness problem sustains for a few weeks then definitely the patient should feel cautious about it because it is a sign of cancer.

Immediate weight loss

Cancer patients start losing their immunity and thus they may lose their weight immediately. Weight loss is the most common symptom of cancer so if a patient feels immediate weight loss then he or she should not take it lightly.

Abrupt skin changes 

Skin is a portion of human body which is easily affected by any type of cancer. Pimples and moles caused due to cancer are quite different in the appearance and anyone can easily indicate the different between normal and malignant moles. One very evident difference in these melanoma pimples is their color. They are usually of different colors in contrast to the normal moles which are brown in color.

Croakiness in voice

This change in the voice is a very clear sign of cancer and the tumor development sometimes causes huskiness in the voice whether its men or women. There are four main types of cancer in which the huskiness of voice usually occurs. Those cancer types are gullet cancer, larynx cancer, thyroid cancer and lung cancer.

Cancer signs are the very first step to recognize the disease. So a patient needs to be vigilant about these signs so that the disease can be cured at the very beginning. There is a difference between the term cancer sign and symptom. Breast Cancer Society signs are those which can be easily identified by other people who are close to you. Doctors and medical specialists recommend not ignoring these signs as the treatment of disease would be much easier at the initial stages of cancer.

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