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Causes of Breast Cancer

Causes of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common types of disease occurring in women all over the world. Different causes can lead to breast cancer such as extreme exposure to the radiation usually during radiation therapies. Excessive amount of radiation used in different treatments cause breast cancer disease. Similarly people belonging to different races also have less or more probabilities of developing breast cancer. In women if the estrogen level increases up to the optimum limit then it can also lead to breast cancer disease. With increasing age the chances of getting breast cancer become higher. Abnormal food intake is also among the major causes of breast cancer.

Exposure to radiation

One of the most eminent causes of breast cancer is accidental exposure to radiation which is usually through radiation therapies. Radiation therapy for the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma mostly causes breast cancer in female patients. Exposure to radiation doesn’t always cause the occurrence of breast cancer. In fact the amount of radiation to which patient was exposed and the age of patient really matters.

Abnormalities in the menstrual cycle

Higher levels of estrogen in human body can also lead to breast cancer disease. Estrogen level increase at its maximum during puberty so women in which the menstrual cycle starts very early and ends earlier also get breast cancer disease immediately. On the other hand women who get pregnant at a young age have reduced chances to get the disease.

Relation to a specific race

African black women have much more chances for the diagnosis of breast cancer at an early age rather white American women. Another fact regarding causes of breast cancer is entirely different from the one mentioned earlier. The overall probability of breast cancer is much higher in white American women than Africans.


Age is among the most noticeable causes of breast cancer as it plays an important role in the chances of disease. Older women have much more chances of getting breast cancer. In contrast the probability is much lower in young girls.

Reduced immunity for breast diseases

If a patient is less immune for different breast diseases then the chances of breast cancer in that patient also increase. Women who are more prone to breast disease should get routine mammograms. If a person with other breast disease gets breast cancer then the intensity of disease would be much higher.

Uncontrolled alcohol consumption

Excessive intake of alcohol increases the risk of different types of cancer including breast cancer. Different researches show that a controlled intake of alcohol such a one drink per day is not going to cause breast cancer. The elevated level of alcohol in the body causes chances of getting the disease also.

Breast cancer is a deadly disease much common in women. Thus the major symptoms and causes of disease are also related to women. Elaborating different causes of breast cancer means that there is a need to create awareness in the breast cancer society regarding breast cancer. This awareness will help a lot in eliminating different breast cancer causes. For example a limited intake of alcohol will eliminate the chances of getting breast cancer due to alcohol. Similarly many other precautions can help people from the dreadful attack of breast cancer. 

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