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Breast Cancer Cure

On average, one in eighth women has a chance of developing cancer. This chance increases after the age of forty. Twenty year before there were chances of developing breast cancer in every eleventh women, the risk of rise in this ratio is still there. Therefore, there is need to stop the prevalence of breast cancer among women, this can be achieve by adapting healthy lifestyle.
Breast Cancer Cure

Breast cancer protection

Although, researches in this field have increased the survival rates too many folds but it is good to have preventive measures for breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Society, working in United States of America is involved in finding out such ways through researches, to reduce the risk of occurrence of breast cancer. Prevention of breast cancer starts with the intake of healthy diet. Dietary habits determine the health conditions of an individual.

Reduce your risk

Every year many women die because of breast cancer, but there are certain ways which can cut down the risk of breast cancer. Being alcoholic increases the chance of breast cancer. Alcohol is dangerous to health; its use must be limited. A research was conducted on the relation between alcohol and breast cancer. The results of this research show that having one beverage a day increases the chances of breast cancer up to twenty to twenty five percent.

Eating green vegetables

Leafy green vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, tomato and citrus fruits are supposed to have such photochemical that have ability to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Eating raw vegetables is proved to be very healthy; the vegetables cruciferous family has special effects on health regarding breast cancer.

Being physically active

Twenty five minute of daily exercise make the body fit and healthy. Doctors prescribed daily walk as a key to stay healthy. This is because due to exercise the estrogen and progesterone lowers down. Obesity also increases the chances of breast cancer; the BMI must be maintained lower to twenty five. There are chances of fats deposition in the middle aged, after thirty five to fifty. There are more chances of breast cancer after the age of forty, so care must be taken at this age.

Minimizing omega-6 fats

Omega-6 fats that are obtained from corn, sunflower and cotton seed oil; they are thought to be responsible for breast cancer formation. In contrast to it, omega-3 fats have antioxidants that reduce the chances of breast cancer formation. The omega-3 fats are naturally present in fish cord oil, nuts and extra virgin olive oil.

Avoid pharmacological chemicals

Pharmacological food additives must be avoided. Although the researches have proved that use of aspirin lower down the chances of breast cancer development, but on the other hand many pharmaceutical drugs have increased the chance like intake of artificial estrogens and xeno-estrogen may lower the survival rate.

Optimistic mental attitude

Having a healthy routine not only deals with healthy dietary habits but it also covers the area of behavior. Having good relations with friends and family members, having a sound sleep reduce the mental strain, it makes the mind fresh and gives healthy feeling. Stress may results in hormonal imbalance, which is usually not considered to be good for health.

The risk of breast cancer is growing with greater pace, every year many women die with breast cancer. This creates an alarming situation. There are many nonprofit organizations working to help women suffering with breast cancer and also for those who have a potential risk of developing breast cancer in future. There are certain ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer and to increase the survival chances. These steps are easy to follow and proved to very helpful in fighting against breast cancer.

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