Monday, 1 July 2013

Breast Cancer Donations

Breast Cancer DonationsBreast cancer is one of the most common types of tumor developments in women. The disease can also occur in men but the chances are very few as compared to women. So women usually become the victim of breast cancer. Due to its prevalence in the world there are many societies which have devoted themselves in breast cancer prevention and cure. These societies are undoubtedly doing a great job for humanity but a large number of those societies are just faking out to make money. They don’t put their efforts of money in the survival of breast cancer patients and are only working to get donations.

Many generous people around the world make huge donations for the treatment and control of breast cancer and these scam societies take huge financial benefits. Their services in the prevention of disease are negligible because they only aim looting people rather participating in this noble cause. Breast cancer is a disease with multiple consequences which also vary from area to area. In order to provide better treatment facilities extensive research is required to address individual problems of patients of a specific geographic area. People sometime pay huge donations to these scam charities for doing extensive research on the disease control, prevention and mitigation. As a result these fraudulent organizations develop fake papers to show to the donors but in reality they don’t do any kind of research.

Breast cancer treatment is the most significant outcome of these breast cancer donations. People in the less privileged areas or with insufficient money consult with some local charities to offer them free medication for the disease. Some fraud societies claim lots of money from the government and as well as from the local people to arrange medication for these people but usually provide fake medicines. Such medicines are formulated by some scam pharmaceutical companies and can be easily accessed. In this way patients feel that they are being treated but the end result is the unfortunate death of those patients. The reason is unavailability of pure medication and healthcare services. These fake societies should be strictly banned or they should be highly penalized. They are taking huge monetary funds from different international organizations in the name of breast cancer donations but doing nothing for this cause. The situation is more alarming in countries where there is no check and balance on these fraud societies.

All these circumstances don’t mean that there are no legitimate breast cancer society. In fact, there are breast cancer organizations that have a high repute and international standing due to their remarkable services for breast cancer cure and prevention. They are providing exclusive home supply programs with which patients can get their medication at their homes just for enhancing their level of ease. Similarly they offer various types of financial aid for breast cancer patients. Due to these outstanding offers patients feel relieved and can go for their medication without the fear of expenses. Their efforts for breast cancer prevention must be strongly appreciated.

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