Monday, 1 July 2013

Breast Cancer Charity Scams

Breast cancer is the most rapidly increasing cancerous disease among women. On average a woman has a 12 percent chance of developing breast cancer during her lifetime. A massive hike in the number of breast cancer patients has been witnessed as of late. This might be a scary fact, but the actual fact of the matter is that breast cancer victims have a high survival rate. Breast cancer society has recorded a three percent fatality rate.

A lot of statistics and research has been put into breast cancer over the last decade. With these statistics, a large number of charitable organizations have opened at every nook and cranny of the world. Most of these organizations are not authentic and do not guarantee that the entire donated amount goes to the cause of research and treatment of breast cancer victims. Nonetheless, there are organizations which are trying their best for this cause. However, only a handful of such organizations can be truly listed.

A lot of scam organizations have appeared in the market. With the help of fake charity organizations money-thirsty and unethical people have created a mask for themselves, which helps them accumulate money in the name of humanity. Most of these donations made do not reach deserving people. Many a time, donations are lost before they reach the actual cause. Instead, they are pocketed by fake charity organization owners.

There has been a trend of going pink with the campaign of raising donations and also putting up something pink on the products instigate the compassionate side of the purchaser which would urge him to buy the product which promises of donating the purchase price for the research and treatment of the breast cancer. Most of the times there is no guarantee that the entire purchase price would go to the charity. Many times people consider this cancer spree a marketing opportunity rather than a disease with which people are fighting.

Unlike these scam organizations, there are good Cancer charities that have great reputation for their scam-free services. They are working for the breast cancer patients and their families, providing them with the best opportunities of medical treatment. These organizations have been established for the direct assistance of the people fighting with the disease. They are working to pull through the families struggling with the emotional, physical and financial turmoil which is caused by the disease.

Unlike many scamming organizations, they promise to help the people stricken with breast cancer and do their best to make the families at ease too. They provide not only direct assistance but also provide medicals supplies, referral services, education to the patients.

Most of such organizations are running partnership programs all over the world and help people as well as charity programs in developing countries too where the opportunities are even less. Their partner organizations include the nonprofit hospitals, clinics, missions and rural physicians who work for the breast cancer patients, in order to rehabilitate them.

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