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Cancer Signs

Cancer is basically a group of diseases. Cancer may appear in any body part. The initial cancer signs are same, in every kind of cancer. Cancer is actually the rapid growth of cells that may cause pain and affect other body part. Signs may also vary with the type of organs affected by cancer. Cancer is not the name of a single disease, but, it can be considered as group of diseases. In simple words, it can be understood in such a way that the normal body cells start to divide at uncontrolled rate. The cells show abnormal growth causing the formulation of tumor. That tumor can be malignant or nonmalignant.

Stages of cancer

Cancer is studied under the heading of oncology. According to oncological researches, cancer is sub divided into three stages. At first stages, the development of cancer starts. At this stage there is no appearance of any symptoms. Body remains healthy and fit. But if the cancer detect at this stage, it can be cure. At second stage the symptoms become visible and appeared. But, at second stage there is rapid division of cancerous cells. Third stage is often the last stage of the disease. At this stage the cancer affects the other organs and spread throughout the body.

Preliminary symptoms

Initially, cancer signs are only appeared in the form of mass of cells. It may be called as ulcer. This ulcer is actually the dividing cells. Sometimes scars may appear on the body. Preliminary signs are usually in the form of scars and tumors. But it may vary from type to type of cancer. Like for an example the primary symptoms of blood cancer and skin cancer are different from each other.

Pain and bleeding

Localized pain may be felt. It means that the tumor or the ulcer formed is painful. Sometimes bleeding may starts. Bleeding may starts from the scars, as observed in case of skin cancer. In case of lungs cancer, bleeding may start during coughing.


Some cancer causes swellings in the organ. This swelling is due to the production of the fluid from the cancerous cells. For instance, in case of intestinal and abdominal cancer, the body part swells up. This is usually painful. Swelling is also observed in liver cancer.

Common symptoms

Commonly some symptoms are observed in every type of cancer. These symptoms are constant fever, tiredness, loss of appetite, sudden weight loss. These cancer signs are most of the often are not considered as important, rather, they are neglected and ignored by the patients. These are the basic signs of cancer, so, if the patient discuss to the medical person, the cancer may be detected in the initial stage and can be cured.

Advanced symptoms

These are the symptoms of third stage. At this stage there is the transfer to the other organs. It started to spread to the other body parts. At this stage the lymph nodes, that is responsible for lymph production, swells up. Lymph is responsible to protect body from the invading micro-organisms. In this way the body becomes vulnerable to other diseases as well.


Though cancer is dreadful disease, but, it can be cured it is detected at the initial stage. There is a need of awareness among the people. One should be aware of the initial symptoms of the cancer, and if there is any appearance of mass of cells, fever of unknown origin, weight loss and tiredness, then it should be considered as an alarming situation. At that time, there is no need of worrying about but to go the doctor and to start medication. Breast Cancer socitey

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